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    Chocolate Orange Mousse

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  • View a list of all the frequently asked questions about Mount Somers Honey along with helpful answers.

    Shipping & Delivery

    We ship our Mount Somers products worldwide, carefully packaged so it arrives in mint condition. Our shipping rates and delivery times are as follows:


    Free Express Domestic Shipping for any orders over $50
    Orders up to $50 - Express Domestic Shipping is $10
    We use New Zealand couriers Poste Haste to ship all of our domestic orders.
    Estimated delivery time frames are 1-3 business days.


    We can only ship the Manuka Product Range Internationally. The flavoured and New Zealand Native Honey's cannot be shipped at this time.

    Free Express International Shipping for any orders over $100
    Orders up to $100 - Express International Shipping is $25
    Estimated delivery time frames are 10-20 business days.

    Returns & Refunds

    Due to New Zealand importation regulations Honey cannot be brought back into New Zealand from overseas, for this reason we do not allow returns on international orders. Read full details of our returns and refunds policy

    About Manuka Honey

    Manuka honey is produced by bees pollinating and collecting the nectar
    from the Manuka flower, (Leptospermum scoparium) which is native to New Zealand. Honey gathered from Manuka flowers is quite dark, viscous and bears chemical traces of the plant it was harvested from.

    Genuine Manuka Honey has an aromatic, medium sweetness, coupled with some delightful nutty, damp earth nodes and a very subtle and welcome bitter aftertaste.

    There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of Manuka Honey ranging from taking a spoonful of pure manuka honey as a daily supplement, or as a natural sweetener in hot drinks such as warm water or milk, peppermint tea, drizzling manuka honey on pancakes, waffles, or toast or replacing a small amount of sugar for manuka honey in baked goods.

    Unique Manuka Factor -UMF™ is the most comprehensive, independently certified, internationally-recognised quality
    assurance system for New Zealand Manuka honey. It’s designed to validate Manuka
    honey potency, authenticity, purity, shelf life, and freshness for honey producers, brands, customers, and consumers worldwide. The UMF™ grading system appraises the natural markers found in Manuka.

    Mount Somers Honey should be stored out of direct sunlight, not exposed to direct heat and never frozen. Honey also doesn’t expire, if it is stored properly it will last well beyond its best before date. For health and safety purposes we recommend consuming your honey within three years of opening.

    Mount Somers honey is a natural product, free from additives in the
    honey production process, however our honey is not certified as an organic food.

    Where to Buy

    We have a range of in-store domestic New Zealand stockists who sell our
    products throughout New Zealand. Contact us to find a stockist near you.

    Mount Somers is continuously looking to expand our Distributor network globally with strategic partners in target markets. To find Mount Somers distributors
    near you or inquire about opportunities in your country, visit our Mount Somers Honey Distributors Page