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So Good

I love this honey ,had it before as well so nice .do try it .

Great choice

Love the option of choosing one of each or 4 of the same. I lovevthe honey & lemon my husband loves the chocolate and caramel ones

Great Service thanks

Fast shipping too

velvety smooth

Never tried this one before but it was given to me as a birthday present and it
is the best honey I have tasted since I was a child in England!

Mount Somers Honey & Caramel
Seriously Good

Just adore this honey - it’s a great sweetener for the breakfast bowl and desserts, but mostly I love added a little to my camomile tea

Simply Superb

This honey is exceptionally good - love the flavour on toast - it was superb on hot cross buns too

Soothing and smooth

This smooth manuka honey has been a must have during a recent headcold. A small bit of honey goes a long way, added to boiling water and some pure orange juice, it is very soothing and tasty to drink. The texture is like velvet and the taste so pure. You will not be disappointed with this

So delicious

I put some of this manuka honey over my muesli or porridge most mornings. My teenager puts its over his weetbix and banana. The taste is so pure and delicious. I will definately be buying again when we run out


Adore this honey - divine on toast - also the flavour is perfect to drizzle over a poached pear, added a little Greek yoghurt = healthy dessert :)

Mount Somers Cook & Bake Honey - 1kg
A baking must

I use this honey in an apricot slice recipe I make. It melts easily and adds a great flavour. My husband loves it in his lunchbox. It’s a healthier choice to all the commercial, sugar filled baked goods .

Mount Somers Honey & Lime
Sweet & Sour - Delicious

So glad I found this honey! I love it in my herbal tea and on my yoghurt. Can't wait to try more flavours.


Such a nice chocolatey flavour, you wouldn’t even think that it was healthy It’s so tasty


If you like mint and chocolate then you will LOVE this honey, it is sooooo yummy

Mount Somers Manuka Blend Honey
Noeline Sapwell
Manuka Honey

This honey is delicious. I enjoy it daily on my morning toast.
I also enjoy it in a hot drink with lemon juice.
Highly recommend it. Definitely my favourite. Plus good health wise.


Such a yummy treat to add to baking or into hot drinks and desserts

Mount Somers Chocolate Honey
So many uses !

Amazing product. I use it for so many things including a nice sweet addition to my morning coffee. Adding to brownies recipe. Also yummy over icecream

Delicious Kamahi honey.

The Kamahi honey is deliciously smooth and sweet, I love it.


Wow, this honey is amazing mixed with Greek yoghurt as a lovely decadent treat. Hopefully I have some left to try making bliss balls using it. Will happily buy again

Mount Somers Chocolate Honey
Liz L
Delicious treat

This honey is amazing mixed in with Greek yoghurt as a treat, or makes a lovely hot chocolate as well. I’m already on my 2nd order and will gladly order again. Brilliant product

beyond delicious, therapeutic and serious value for money

I have had this pot of honey in my fridge for months - a small amount adds significant flavour and at the same time you just know it's doing you good. I have tried other manuka honeys but Mount Somers sits above all the others - it's of a seriously high quality and very difficult to go pass. Buy a tub and you won't be disappointed.

Mount Somers Honey & Ginger
So amazing

Absolutely love this honey creamy unctuous and the ginger is just brilliant


This variety is great for making choc mint bliss balls, and you don't actually need to use too much, perfectly minty not overkill, mmmminty deliciousness.

Mount Somers Honey & Caramel
Cheryl Francis
My absolute fave - Caramel is my kryptonite

I love this in homemade keto slices, or on a crunchy slice of toast, the taste of the caramel is just hit but just enough to make you go back for more.

Mount Somers Clover Honey
Cheryl Francis
Mhhm .. so useful, and delicious

I love this Clover honey, since the weather has been changing recently here in NZ I have taken to adding this to late night hot toddy's , which is great to soothe a raspy throat.

Mount Somers Cook & Bake Honey - 1kg
Cheryl Francis
Best Baking Honey around

I love using this as a sugar substitute in al my baking - I don't really like the after taste of substitutes, so this is bar far the best replacement option for me.