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  • Mount Somers Chocolate Orange Mousse

    Chocolate Orange Mousse

  • Soul Bar + Mount Somers Chocolate, Caramel & Honey Espresso Martini

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    Chocolate and mint honey

    Two of my favourite flavours. Absolutely yummy👍🏻

    Mount Somers Rata Honey
    Emilene Lockhart
    Rata Honey

    The best honey product money can buy.

    Build Your Own 4 Pack Bundle
    Emilene Lockhart
    Best customer service

    I ordered 7 jars of honey but only 6 were sent. So I emailed the company and they responded promptly. Within a few days I received the missing jar. Excellent service👍🏻

    Mount Somers Honey & Lemon
    Andrea Hammond
    Honey and Lemon

    LOVE this in my cuppa, or even to make a hot drink just on its own. Also hard to resist a spoonful straight from the jar, or on hot crumpets - delicious 😋 👍😊

    Build Your Own 4 Pack Bundle

    Mount Somers Clover Honey
    Heather McCarthy
    Clover Honey

    Awesome honey, smooth and flavourful

    Kamahi Honey

    Beautiful taste. Loved the Kamahi flavour. So very smooth too. Very impressed!!

    Build Your Own 4 Pack Bundle

    4 pack bundle

    I love honey and especially the citrus flavours that are added. Yum 😋


    My mum loves the ginger flavor and as soon as I got the email that you had it FINALLY in stock again I brought her 4 ...She's so happy and I will buy more for her to have a good stock pile lol.....

    Lemon and Honey

    Love it, so delicious. NZ made goodness

    Best Honey Ever!

    My absolute favorite honey, love it and so does everyone else that tries it. Highly reccommend.

    Great to use a gift

    It was very great gift for my Grandma(over seas). Thank you Mount Somers, I'm looking forward to use again!

    Which rating to pick...none show their value...highest to lowest...who knows

    Sorry i get the scale for your rating now,was just a bit confused with the stars which i thought was for previous ratings from others.Your service is great and definitely 5 star as is your honey which is premium.Thakyou.

    Manila Honey UMF 20+.

    Good service. Beautiful honey.

    Mount Somers Chocolate & Vanilla Honey

    So Good

    I love this honey ,had it before as well so nice .do try it .

    Great choice

    Love the option of choosing one of each or 4 of the same. I lovevthe honey & lemon my husband loves the chocolate and caramel ones

    Great Service thanks

    Fast shipping too

    velvety smooth

    Never tried this one before but it was given to me as a birthday present and it
    is the best honey I have tasted since I was a child in England!

    Mount Somers Honey & Caramel
    Seriously Good

    Just adore this honey - it’s a great sweetener for the breakfast bowl and desserts, but mostly I love added a little to my camomile tea

    Simply Superb

    This honey is exceptionally good - love the flavour on toast - it was superb on hot cross buns too

    Soothing and smooth

    This smooth manuka honey has been a must have during a recent headcold. A small bit of honey goes a long way, added to boiling water and some pure orange juice, it is very soothing and tasty to drink. The texture is like velvet and the taste so pure. You will not be disappointed with this

    So delicious

    I put some of this manuka honey over my muesli or porridge most mornings. My teenager puts its over his weetbix and banana. The taste is so pure and delicious. I will definately be buying again when we run out

    Mount Somers Chocolate & Caramel Honey

    Adore this honey - divine on toast - also the flavour is perfect to drizzle over a poached pear, added a little Greek yoghurt = healthy dessert :)